Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The Easter Bunny Arrives Early at New Zealand Company

Boss offers a golden Easter incentive | NATIONAL | NEWS |

Steve Musson, Director of The Flooring Centre in New Zealand, gave 40 of his employees a special Easter treat this year. As reported by New Zealand's One News Network...

With record low unemployment around the country, attracting and keeping staff is becoming a real problem for companies wanting to expand.

But a Christchurch firm is trying to combat that by offering its workers a real incentive to stick around.

Steve Musson is taking over 40 of his flooring and carpet laying staff to the Gold Coast for Easter.

In the midst of a construction boom, the company noticed attracting and keeping staff was proving difficult so Musson decided to do something to keep his employees.

And Musson says his move has made it an exciting workplace. "Particularly with the trip so close now. A few of our people haven't been overseas before, so it's a real buzz for people like that."

While there will be a conference to attend and team building activities, they will also have time to visit theme parks and relax.

"The major positive that we've had already is that staff retention has been 100% - we haven't lost any staff since we made this announcement," says Musson.

The investment has been a large one for the flooring company but Musson hopes it will all be worth it.

"Ask me in a few months' time," laughs Musson.

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