Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Katrina Evacuees Receiving Jobless Benefits

According to a recent article on SHRM Online, individuals who lost their jobs and their homes due to Hurricane Katrina are now starting to receive their Disaster Unemployment Assistance checks.

“We’re doing everything we can,” said Louisiana Department of Labor (DOL) spokesman Ed Pratt. “We’re going into the shelters, taking applications and giving out checks. So far we’ve processed 70,000 applications, and we expect that number to grow.” The Louisiana efforts are mirrored across the South for residents who find themselves far from their homes and the offices where they normally would seek such aid.

“We processed over 10,000 claims from Louisiana residents over the Labor Day weekend alone,” said Ann Hatchitt, a spokesperson for the Texas Workforce Commission, which is partnering with Louisiana officials to deliver benefits across state lines.

Basically, as long as the displaced individuals can be found, they will receive their payments. It is a step in the right direction on the long road to recovery.

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