Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A New Twist on the Blog!

We have a new section here at Astron Solutions where employees talk about their favorite HR references in pop culture. The first comes from National Director, Jennifer C. Loftus:

The Office is one of my favorite work related shows. Whenever I watch it I always think to myself "Is Michael really doing that?!" He's an HR person's worst nightmare come to life! The show is always good for a laugh, and helps to remind me about what's good workplace practice and what isn't!
Dilbert cartoons are another favorite because they're so realistic! Some people I know - who don't work in an office setting - don't see the humor. It's funny to see situations I've been in represented in cartoons. It also makes me feel good - I'm not alone!
CSI is another favorite. I like the show because I learn about science, the characters are interesting, and the story lines are unique. I'm interested to see how they handle the relationship between Sara Sidle and her boss, Gil Grissom, moving forward. So far it's been pretty quiet. CSI also tops my list because I love Las Vegas. I hope we have an office there someday!

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