Friday, February 02, 2007

What is a PEO?

Once in a while Blogger doesn't blog for us so we double you up the next day...lucky you!

Curious of what a PEO is or what they do for your company? Well look no further than the Orlando Sentinel which describes in this article what they do, why your company hired them, and what to expect: click here

From the New York Times, an article about how charting a path from your bed to your desk can help with multitasking in the office: click here

Also from the New York Times, a profit and loss look at the common question of whether to job-seek while at work: click here

From the Boston Globe, an article that says that balancing your life and your work is no longer a career ender: click here

And lastly, also from the New York Times, a look inside the mind of your employees: click here

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