Monday, May 28, 2007

Huge Memorial Day Post

Going away for the week so we're going to give you more than enough HR news to get you through your week...

First, Amy Joyce starts us out with an article that says to look out for caregivers: click here

More from the Washington Post about the hiring practices due to political leanings at the Justice Department: click here

Also from the Washington Post, word that Congress has approved the minimum wage increase: click here

Lastly from the Washington Post, an article that talks about how the OMB is moving to secure social security numbers: click here

From the Boston Globe, word that working too hard is bad for you: click here

Also from the Globe, an article that says young workers truly have something to complain about: click here

From the New York Times, the monthly wildcard is job numbers: click here

Also from the New York Times, a column about moving out of retirement and into uncertainty: click here

Lastly from the New York Times, an article about finding a new path to the world of work for "disconnected" young people: click here

From itzbig, an article about what Human Resources can learn from marketing: click here

From, a list of the top 5 Human Resources books: click here

From News Blaze, an article about how HR is the way to rescue your company in the upcoming labor shortage: click here

We rarely do this, but this HR blog has plenty of great information to help you out: click here

And our last article, buried in a blog, is word of infighting at and a lawsuit between Mercer Human Resources and click here


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