Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Heading to Vegas

Heading to Vegas so we're going to combine all the rest of the posts into this one...

The Olympian says to take a vacation, so that's where I'm getting my inspiration from: click here

From the New York Times we have an article about being plugged in at home but ultimately left out: click here

Also from the New York Times, the Career Couch, about being chronically late: click here

From the US Immigration Weblog, an interesting article about employers' stance on the proposed laws: click here

From the Washington Post, an article which tells you why women don't make as much as the guys: click here

Word of a Human Resources Management blog launched by faculty of Capella University...some competition for us: click here

From the Hackett Group, an article about outsourcing Human Resources: click here

Lastly, from PersonnelToday, 2/3 of Brits would lie on their resume to get the job they want according to a recent study: click here

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