Wednesday, August 08, 2007

2 for T & 3 for W

Two for Tuesday...and three for Wednesday....

First, if you are in a union and you want to know how to vote in the Democratic'll have to figure it out on your own after the AFL-CIO said they were going to hold off in endorsing a candidate according to the Washington Post: click here

Also from the Post, an article from their Think Tank section that says that what workers want, Congress should provide: click here

From over the pond, a UK Telegraph article which says that human resources are vital to M&A: click here

Next, the New York Times Career Couch looks at the importance of unburned bridges among other mailbag topics: click here

Lastly, also from the Times, we end you on this Humpday with an article about opening up the On-Ramp for Women to allow them to get over the hump: click here

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