Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Leaving a Job

We'll be doing a few articles this week about leaving a job...

The first is about when to leave? Is it worth working to the last possible second? Is it good to get a little vacation time in there before you start? When should you give your notice? About.com gives some advice about resigning from your job: click here

But the key is to understand that you probably won't be able to take off time right when you start your new job so if you elect for time now vs. waiting until the last second, you may want to aim for resigning sooner.

Evil HR Lady gives some advice in this article: click here

The key, she says, is to quit when you have another job lined up. The key is definitely to have a job lined up, but if you are truly miserable, let your superior know that...there may be a way to solve that within your own organization through a move within the organization or maybe a changing of responsibilities or maybe being able to talk to someone about the problems you are having with them.

The HR Capitalist has some advice about when and how to have someone leave once they resign: click here

More coming in the next post....

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