Friday, March 28, 2008

What I’m Hearing…Going Topless

This morning the radio announcer shared an interesting story out of Silicon Valley. Apparently, 40% of firms in the Silicon Valley area have gone “topless.”

It’s not as risqué as it sounds. The policy bans using mobile communication devices, such as laptops, Blackberries, cell phones, and the like, in meeting rooms.

Kudos to the firms that have instituted such a policy. When individuals use their high tech devices during a meeting, they are distracting to their colleagues, disrespectful of others’ time, and rude to the meeting facilitator. These individuals also send a message, consciously or not, that they and their business are more important than the meeting. Checking voicemails during a meeting break is one thing. Text messaging someone during a meeting is another.

Imagine how much more productive and faster meetings would be if all organizations had a policy of going topless. Hopefully more organizations will move in this direction in the coming months.

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