Thursday, September 18, 2008

What I’m Hearing…What You’re Thinking

On today's Q104.3 morning program, show hosts Jim Kerr and Shelli Sonstein discussed an article in Men’s Health magazine regarding women’s dress and the signals such clothing may send to members of the opposite sex. Reactions in the workplace were of particular interest. According to the author of the magazine, clothing with plunging necklines or a soft hand sends subtle messages of a romantic nature to male co-workers.

Kerr and Sonstein then opened the discussion to members of the listening audience. The listeners' takes on wearing a plunging neckline in the workplace were much rawer, eliciting comments that wearing such clothes tells men that women are thinking “do me in the copy room now” and “do me on my desk.” I’m not making these comments up – the male callers actually said them, and thought they were amusing, too.

The question of the propriety of a plunging neckline in the workplace aside, is this what people are truly thinking? I’m shocked to think that this could be happening! As HR professionals, we must be sure to address such thoughts and attitudes to ensure a non-hostile environment for everyone. While of course everyone is entitled to their private thoughts, work-related thoughts should be the primary focus of 9-5, not extracurricular activities.

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