Thursday, November 20, 2008

What I'm Hearing...Performance Reviews as Job Security

First, my apologies for being off line for a while. The fourth quarter shuffle is in full swing here at Astron!

I read an interesting article on regarding performance reviews. Specifically, making them work for you. You can read the full article here: The main gist of the story is that employees should consider performance reviews not as events to be dreaded, but rather ways to demonstrate additional value and initiative to employers by actively seeking ways to improve themselves.

With all the gloom and doom on the news, each day more people are thankful to have a job. Undoubtedly, though, these same people are worried that they might have to face the reality of a layoff in the coming months. One of the best ways to avoid being in that painful situation is to demonstrate with concrete deliverables and actions how you as an employee showed initiative and rendered yourself invaluable to your employer.

When I was working in industry, I always kept a folder with copies of any e-mails I received saying that I did a great job, demonstrated positive ROI, etc. So if there was ever talk of a layoff or a less than stellar performance review, I was ready to defend my case. Thankfully, I never needed to dip into that folder. This technique, however, is one you might consider doing to help ensure your job security in this rocky economic climate.

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