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Astronology - FLSA Pitfalls and Innocent Errors

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Volume X
Issue 6
May 19, 2009
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The Astron Road Show

May 20 and 21, National Director Jennifer Loftus will be on the road again, this time in Houston, TX. She will be presenting a Wednesday Power Session on Total Rewards at the 18th annual Gulf Coast Symposium on HR Issues. She'll also be exhibiting in booth 122. Please be sure to stop by and say hello!

Headed to upstate New York? Don't forget to visit Astron's National Director, Michael Maciekowich, at the New York Bankers Association 2009 Senior Management Conference in Cooperstown, NY on June 10-12. Michael will be part of a panel discussion on compensation.

Please contact us for information on any of these presentations.
Fact or Fiction?
Does the Dilbert Theory really exist?


Even though academia is still challenging the veracity of the theory, in 1996 Dilbert creator & cartoonist Scott Adams published a book exploring a theory that management promotes those that are least competent in order to limit the damage they may cause. While this theory does conflict against human resource traditional techniques, some management and business programs require the book for their courses.

Using Analytics for Leaders to Drive HR Strategies and People Investments

by Scott Mondore, PhD & Shane Douthitt, PhD, Strategic Management Decisions

Whether the economy is strong or weak, leaders must constantly look for competitive advantages to ensure success for their organizations. Maximizing the performance of people has typically been an elusive factor in organizational success. It is not easy to show the ROI of people investments and to demonstrate a cause-and-effect connection between people data and organizational outcomes. Leaders of all stripes often use the phrase "our people are our most important asset" but rarely, if ever, back up that statement with any data or analysis....more
FLSA Pitfalls and Innocent Errors
Inspired by the presentation given by Astron's own Michael F. Maciekowich, in partnership with Bond, Schoenick, & King, entitled: "Can Your Compensation System Weather the (Hurricane) Winds of Change from the Obama Administration?" this edition of Astronology will tackle some of the pitfalls and innocent errors organization sometimes find themselves in when handling serious issues with the Fair Labor Standards Act, or FLSA....more
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