Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hating Meetings, Surviving McKinsey, and Going Out With a Bang

The first link of the day is from Paul Graham who tells us all why we hate meetings so much (H/T Freakonomics)
Next, from Gawker, we have the "Complete McKinsey Survival Guide" which thankfully had a reference to Office Space
One place in financial services that is hiring? TARP according to
The New York Times has news about unemployment checks being delayed for millions as states have struggled to come up with funds. Sad news for those without a job.
MediaPost asks if Twitter is a job qualification #FAIL?
Speaking of social networking, this story from SEOptimise of United Airlines using millions because of a YouTube video is fascinating.
Securities Industry has a great article on how a Morgan Stanley executive almost committed the perfect crime (and as Human Resources, things to look out for)
Lastly, Great Moments In Christory gives you 4 bad reactions to getting fired (hopefully none of your employees have done any of these...)

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