Wednesday, September 02, 2009


Yahoo! Tech has the news of one unfortunate woman who was fired for getting to Caps Lock friendly (H/T Wendy):

That's exactly what happened to Vicki Walker, who was abruptly kicked out of her job for sending "confrontational emails" with text formatted in a variety of red, bold, and all caps fonts. Walker had sent the emails to fellow workers within the company, usually with stern and detailed instructions on how forms should be properly filled out.

Someone at ProCare didn't like her approach, suggesting she caused "disharmony in the workplace" and was being too confrontational via email, eventually firing her without warning.

Walker, however, got the last laugh. She sued for wrongful termination and won the case, pocketing $17,000 in lost wages and for other unspecified harm caused due to the firing.

What do you think? Are Caps Lock really that big of a deal? Do you train your employees in proper e-mail formatting?

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