Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Most Stressful Jobs (and other links)

Here on this Wednesday, as I get my health assessment done, I wanted to share a few links:

-From CNBC, we have America's most stressful jobs. Certainly quite a few on there that none of us would want to have. And, as Human Resources, some good jobs to know that fellow employees might be quite stressed at.

-11 Points gives us a top 11 list of famous people who were in the totally wrong career at age 30 showing all of us that career switches are possible.

-Although many of us cannot relate, Vault has some advice on how Tiger Woods' experience can help your career.

-Lastly, from Mike D. Merrill Blog, a new feature from LinkedIn which lets you follow company profiles.

Back tomorrow with some more great links (and maybe a thought or two from my health assessment)

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