Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Business Trip Layover

On the way to a conference, I figured it was a good time to post a blog post. As a young associate (and therefore a newbie when it comes to business trips) heading alone on a business trip, the rules of how to handle yourself are sometimes confusing. Freedom with an expense account is sometimes a freedom that needs to be reigned in.

How much can one spend on a meal? Is it ok to invite other associates out with you and pay for them? If one transportation option is more convenient but more expensive how do you handle that? If you are not given a company credit card, how much is too much money to say you don't feel comfortable putting it on your card? If they do not have a company blackberry, how often is appropriate/expected to check in via e-mail or phone? And what type of outside of business activities qualify as a business expense--and which ones are prohibited all together?

Human Resources and other groups within your organization should set rules to deal with this situation. No associate should feel uncomfortable because they feel they can't charge an expense to the company or they don't feel OK putting a charge on a personal card. Also, setting a clear, quick reimbursement process is necessary. It can be a fun, exciting, educational, and career growing experience to get to travel as a young associate, but an organization has the duty to make sure expectations are clearly set before an employee ever takes off.


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