Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Resume and the Interview

Some good links on a HOT Wednesday for the resume and the interview:

The New York Times from back in February had some advice on writing a resume that shouts "hire me". Good advice at a time when so many resumes are being received--and they all look the same.

AOL's Barbara Safani (also of Career Solvers) wants to know if you're lying on your resume saying "it is critical that all information reported on the document is accurate and something you can back up with facts if questioned."

We go back to AOL and Safani for the toughest job interview question out there (what is your weakness?) as well as a few other tough questions and the best ways to answer them

The Staffing Advisor asks how you got all that from reading a resume and tells the story of a church committee rejecting Jesus Christ as a candidate

Lastly, FINS has some advice on making a good first impression and nailing your finance interview

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