Monday, January 03, 2011

A New Year...But Old Issues Remain

As I looked through the New York Times yesterday I realized that while we had just turned the calendar on a New Year, we're still dealing with the same issues in jobs, healthcare, and the economy.

Andrew Cuomo was sworn in as the new governor of New York and is already set to deal with budgetary and job issues left for him by his predecessors. Yesterday Cuomo said he will seek a one-year salary freeze for state workers and today he followed that up by saying that he would take a 5% cut on his own salary and will cut many of his senior aides salaries the same amount.

Downstate in Manhattan comes news that there are new rules for restaurant tips that have come into effect: “'Never before were there any regulations regarding tips in New York State,' except for a mysterious paragraph in a 1968 law that barred employers from appropriating tips, said Jean Lindholm, a supervising labor standards investigator at the State Department of Labor. An inconsistent mixture of Labor Department opinions and lawsuit judgments has governed industry practice through the years, she said, adding, 'It was time, long overdue, to clarify the rules.'

Lastly, for those people who can find new jobs, most of them have had to switch careers and with a career switch has come a lower pay according to a new report from Rutgers' Heldrich Center for Workforce Development. The article starts out with "even the lucky ones are not so lucky" which is the sad truth in the matter. Some of the same issues remain for 2011...

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