Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Cleaning Out the Links Part 6

The last part of our links clean out is upon us...let's check out the links:

First from the New York Times was a very depressing article from May that talks about the new poor and that some jobs from our economy are never coming back: "Millions of workers who have already been unemployed for months, if not years, will most likely remain that way even as the overall job market continues to improve, economists say. The occupations they worked in, and the skills they currently possess, are never coming back in style. And the demand for new types of skills moves a lot more quickly than workers — especially older and less mobile workers — are able to retrain and gain those skills. There is no easy policy solution for helping the people left behind. The usual unemployment measures — like jobless benefits and food stamps — can serve as temporary palliatives, but they cannot make workers’ skills relevant again."

Also from the New York Times, an article about a service charging $400 per hour to get 20-somethings off their couch to be coached in finding jobs.

Next from the Boston Globe is some advice for the job seeker on trimming down a resume that is too long. It's something that makes looking at a candidates resume a lot easier.

Lastly, from is advice on, well, how to nail a job interview.

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