Thursday, August 18, 2011

Revisiting An Old Story

Back in October of 2009, we linked to a New York Times article about twin girls who were struggling to make it in a tough New York job world. It was an interesting article and I commented at the time that it wasn't unlike stories of people that I knew...

...well--funny story--it ends up I do know the twins. We play in the same softball league together. Last night, while celebrating my softball championship win (woo!) with some members of the other team, one of our team members heard the story about these same twin girls who got written about in the New York Times.

And we got an update on the status of the twins: they now both write for about alternative sports. So while the job market is bad--and really bad for those in that 21-29 range trying to find traction in their post-college years--it sometimes perks up and people who seemed lost in the recession find jobs.

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