Thursday, February 23, 2012

Facebook and Twitter Aren't As Popular as Thought with Recruiters

At the World of HR blog we've written a lot about the use of social media and the job search. It seems logical that the next frontier of finding new employees would be in the constantly growing social media sphere where creative and hard-working people are hanging out. Instead, Business Insider just published an interesting infographic that says that few are using Facebook or Twitter.

This doesn't mean that all social media is being ignored and it doesn't meant that Facebook or Twitter aren't being used in conjunction with another service, but it does mean that if you're just sitting on Facebook or Twitter hoping to find a job, well, maybe it's time to change your strategy. Only 3% of recruiters are either on Facebook solely, Twitter solely or combine just Twitter and Facebook.

The other 97%? They may use Twitter or Facebook but it's always in conjunction with LinkedIn. In fact, almost half (48%) use LinkedIn as their sole social media outlet for recruiting. We've written on this blog many times about the virtues of LinkedIn as a job finding tool, but this further serves to expand that feeling. It doesn't mean that a clean and well-done Facebook or Twitter page won't help you find a job, but in order to catch the eye of a recruiter, it's best to work on your LinkedIn profile and keep that up-to-date.

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