Thursday, May 10, 2012

Top Leaders and Innovation Come from Within

Firms search far and wide for top talent, and, especially leaders. They want people who are innovative and different and add to the diversity of thought in the company. A recent study by The Hay Group via CBS News says that to foster innovation, the best way is to develop leaders from within. And the best way to develop those leaders is to foster collaboration and fairness from within, including this great point from the article:

Managers fail to set the right example by putting themselves before the team when it comes to workload, appreciation, and even compensation. In such a corporate culture, there may be two sets of standards -- one for managers and one for employees. That double standard erodes respect, undermines trust, and leads to disengagement. Employees lose heart and end up just going through the motions.
We've talked on this blog about how the wrong type of management can alienate and discourage good employees. They feel under-appreciated and need to find solace in finding new jobs. Companies are too interested in searching for talent outside of their company to notice the great employees they have already and many times they lose them to other organizations. The key is to make sure to develop from within, allow good performers to be promoted, foster collaboration and innovation and make sure the right people are managing your teams.

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