Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Guest Post: Making a Final Decision without Facetime

The story by Alaine on Monday has inspired me to reach out to friends in order to find out more about what is really going on during the job search process and for 20-somethings who are out in the working world. One friend (who wished to remain anonymous) had two stories to tell. Here was his first:

I had a final round interview on the phone for a company after having the first round on the phone. The firm was in New York but the partner was located in London so it was necessary to do this by phone. There was never a chance for facetime so I had the full one-hour interview. I was told there was one position with about ten candidates.

I received feedback from the hiring manager who told me I was a runner-up for the position but unfortunately, did not get the role. It was quite frustrating and difficult to not have the chance to interact, especially for a job with such high stakes.
Thanks to the friend for sharing that. What he shared here seems to be too typical of companies today who have too little time and money for interviewing. Too often candidates get through a rigorous process only to have their candidacy determined in an impersonal way (and a way that really doesn't allow for a true evaluation of talents). Not only was this a bad way of going about things for him, but it's hard to imagine that it's a good idea from a company perspective to hire someone that they've never met before in person (anyone who follows the Manti Te'o controversy knows that the phone is not the best way to determine someone's validity). This friend is now employed at another company so it didn't stop him from finding a job in general but this job left him wondering "what if..."

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