Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Saluting Your All-Stars

Today in New York is the All-Star Game so I figured it was an appropriate time to go over some ways that you can recognize the All Stars in your organization. Now the easiest answer is "a raise", "a bonus" or "a promotion" but here are 3 other ways that you can make sure that your All Stars are feeling like they're getting their due:

1. Pregame Introductions. It seems simple but sometimes the best way to recognize your All Stars is just to introduce them to the crowd. Call them out on what they've done awesome, but make sure there are other people listening. The best way to sometimes recognize your All Stars is just to make sure it's done publicly--and done only enough to make it extra special for those who get the nod.

2. More Playing Time. If someone is doing something right, sometimes it's time to give them more responsibility and more time to shine. Let them loose and give them more chances to shine. It doesn't have to be a title promotion but sometimes the best thing you can do for an All Star is just let them do more things to show how awesome they can perform.

3. Give Them The Game Ball. The problem with some organizations is that when you get the win, it doesn't actually feel like you've won. As soon as you get that big sale, they want to know what's next. As soon as you finish the big project, you have another one right after. The last key to making sure your All Stars feel like All Stars is to make them feel like they're winning when they're winning. It may sound simple but some companies do not make people who are succeeding feel as good as they should about doing so. Make them feel like they got the win and they'll keep on performing.

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