Tuesday, August 13, 2013

How Not To Apply and How To Deal With a Meltdown

Here at the Astron blog we like to go with one positive and one negative to balance out the coverage. So when we talk about a boneheaded thing that one person or company does, we talk about a good way that people or a company handle a situation. Today we'll do the same as we look at one job candidate who makes a name for himself...in the wrong way. And then we'll talk about one company who took an internet meltdown...and turned it into some good PR.

The first is from Above the Law which talks about a class of 2009 graduate who begs for a job via mass e-mail. Well "beg" may be generous here--this job "candidate" mass e-mails every practicing attorney that he can find to try to find a job. I know that the job market isn't great and the lawyer job market is even worse, but this is not the way to go about it. Furthermore, the two pictures that Above the Law could find of him are showing off his biceps and, well, trying to convince us he doesn't want to be an escort. If you want to show someone the way NOT to get hired, this is a good start.

On the other hand, if you want to see a company take a "bad" situation and make it positive, Social Media Today looks at Shake Shack which took a look at its fans' displeasure over a change to its fries and decided to respond in the best way possible. Some companies (like Netflix, as the article points out), take fan outrage and just continue to fuel it. Others, like Shake Shack, take the fans displeasure and take it as a chance to get some good public relations around the new fries.

Social Media Today gives us the great final thoughts: "So what does that mean for all the community managers and brands out there that have new introductions coming up in the pipeline? No need to take notes, this one is easy to remember. Maintain your messaging and stand by your decision, because in the end, that will aid in dictating how consumers receive your change."

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