Monday, March 03, 2014

The Perks That Make Up Some Top Tech Companies

Technology companies offer great perks to keep top talent within their ranks. San Francisco is home to many of those great companies and their perks are the standard bearers for most of the top companies in the world. Outlined by The San Francisco Business Times, here are a few of my favorite of the perks:
  •'s unlimited gummy bears...and donation matching up to $5,000
  • Dolby Laboratories' early screenings of films in the Dolby theaters in the office.
  • DocuSign's "tranquility room" with "soft lighting and water fountain for mothers or people who want to chill out" and, of course, Nurf guns.
  • Dropbox's complete music studio equipped with drums, piano, amplifiers, etc.
  • Quantcast's annual home brewing competition--of beer
  • OpenDNS gives a week-long vacation on the company once you get to the five-year mark
  • And, my favorite, Piston Cloud Computing gives each employee "A beautiful, awesome hat of your choosing (bowler, fedora, panama) that is adorned via a hatting ceremony."
These are just some of my favorite perks that are being offered by companies in San Francisco to employees. There are a lot of ways to make employees happy but one of the most memorable ways to do it is through unique and meaningful perks. You don't always have to offer employees an awesome hat--but do something employees will be connected to you by.  

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