Monday, June 08, 2015

The Jerk Store Called

Working in an office can be tough with a lot of conflicting personalities, people clashing with their superiors, etc. But the worst are the jerks in the office. The guys who make you say, in the words of George Costanza: "Well, the Jerk Store called, and they're running out of you!"

And the truth is that there are different types of jerks in the office. has a great rundown of the different types that you might encounter (and I've definitely worked with all 15 of those guys), but I like their conclusion to the article:
Office jerks are often unavoidable. Understanding the types and their behaviors is the first step toward making a better workplace for yourself. Don't get pulled into their drama or lower yourself to their level. Focus on your work, co-workers with positive attitudes and keeping your superiors happy. In the end, rude co-workers tend to get exactly what they deserve.
I couldn't agree more. I once worked with a jerk who thought it would be a great idea, when his boss was gone for the day (or, heaven forbid, on vacation), to put his feet up and read a newspaper. People would stop by and see him like this and he thought he was above everyone else. That was until HR stopped by, tapped him on the shoulder and gave him a pink slip. Jerks get the same karma all of us get--just give it time.

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