Monday, April 18, 2005

Candy makes the workplace a little sweeter | Business | Jar-keepers fill workplace with sweets, happiness

Happy National Licorice Day! (Yes, there is a holiday for just about everything out there!) While we are on the subject of candy, Lifesavers came out with the results of their survey which explores the treatment of employees who keep candy dishes on their desks. The results are sweet for the candy providers and a bit sour for the moochers. According to Workbytes,'s workplace column by Dawn Sagario and Larry Ballard, the survey shows that 60 percent of those with candy dishes got raises last year, compared with fewer than half who would rather just dip into a co-worker's. However, the results show that a sugar fix brightens up the workplace for everyone...

"We know the candy dish is a fun part of life, but what the results of the survey have shown us is that candy dishes offer employees a simple, enjoyable way to break through everyday office obstacles and keep the lines of communication open," said Barry Sands, who is LifeSavers' "brand manager."

Although candy may be bad for your teeth and your waistline, it's great for company morale. Time to fill up the candy dish with a fresh pack of Twizzlers!

Read the entire Workbytes article here.

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