Monday, April 04, 2005

Is the work ethic in America fading?

APP.COM - Changes are coming to the workplace

If you had a crystal ball to gaze into the future of your workplace, what do you think you'd see? Well, according to the World Future Society, as reported by the Asbury Park Press, you would see employees who care less about a paycheck and more about personal fulfillment. Read on...

The society says the implications are clear: "The new generation of workers cannot simply be hired and ignored. They must be nurtured, paid well and made to feel appreciated. Training is crucial. Without the opportunity to learn new skills, young people will quickly find a (new) job that will help them to prepare for the rest of their career."

As for those in the 30-plus age range — Generation X — the society notes that their continuing entrepreneurial spirit will affect large companies.

"Lifelong learning is nothing new (to Generation X). It's just the way that life is. Companies that can provide diverse, cutting-edge training will have a strong recruiting advantage over competitors that offer fewer opportunities to improve their skills and knowledge base. (They) have little interest in their employers' needs. They also have a powerful urge to do things their way."

And even with the growing use of technology allowing workers to get more done in less time, workers are finding the stress is increasing, as well.

"Stress-related problems affecting employee morale and wellness will continue to grow. Companies must help employees balance their time at work with their family lives and need for leisure. This may reduce short-term profits but will aid profitability in the long run," the society says.

For more details, check out the full article here.

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