Monday, August 08, 2005

27 workers fired over blog postings

Auto club fires 27 workers over blog posts - Tech News & Reviews -

When the Automobile Club of Southern California's management caught wind that a large group of their employees were posting comments that could be construed as harassment on, 27 workers lost their jobs. From

Club spokeswoman Carol Thorp said comments were made about other workers' weight and sexual orientation.

"When a worker complains about harassment, you take it seriously," Thorp said Friday.

Thorp said employees were also dismissed because they discussed online how they planned to slow down roadside assistance at work.

"That hits right at our basic service," she said.

This is just another incident in a long line of recent firings due to inappropriate employee blogging. Astron Solutions recently published a story on the topic in our Astronology newsletter titled, "Employee Blogs - Do You Know What They're Saying About You?"

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