Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Get Back to Work!

Stop reading this headline and get back to work | CNET recently conducted a survey of over 10,000 employees to see how much time during the day is spent on non-work activities. The results are interesting although we here at Astron wonder what exactly falls into the category of "other."

Top time wasting activities:
* Surfing the Internet for personal use: 44.7 percent
* Socializing with coworkers: 23.4 percent
* Conducting personal business: 6.8 percent
* Spacing out: 3.9 percent
* Running errands off premises: 3.1 percent
* Making personal phone calls: 2.3 percent
* Applying for other jobs: 1.3 percent
* Planning personal events: 1.0 percent
* Arriving late/leaving early: 1.0 percent
* Other: 12.5 percent

The survey revealed that the top time wasting state is Missouri (avg. 3.2 hours per day) and the top time wasting industry was insurance.

Still, it's important to remember that all this goofing off isn't necessarily a bad thing. Bill Coleman, senior vice president at explained, "In some cases this extra wasted time might be considered 'creative waste'--time that may well have a positive impact on the company's culture, work environment, and even business results. Personal Internet use and casual office conversations often turn into new business ideas or suggestions for gaining operating efficiencies."

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