Monday, November 21, 2005

How to Help Your Employees Avoid the Flu

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Flu season is upon us, but there are ways to help ensure that your work environment stays happy and healthy. The Canadian HR Reporter offers the following tips from Trish Stenson, Director of Clinical Services at Ceridian Canada:

- Encourage employees to get a flu shot from their doctor or set up a program in conjunction with health professionals for employees to get their shots at the office

- Provide employees tips on how to prevent getting the flu

- Encourage employees to stay home if they are sick, especially if their symptoms are flu-like

- Provide handouts on how to wash hands properly

- Provide hand sanitizers in washrooms and other places.

- Promote work-life balance by encouraging employees to take their lunch breaks, step away from their desks periodically to de-stress, and pay attention to eating nutritious food and getting physical activity

- If snacks are a part of the office environment, make sure healthy snacks are available to counter the popular high-sugar content treats

- Discourage the sharing of keyboards, headsets, etc. by providing each employee with his/her own equipment

Stenson stresses that the most important tip is to encourage ill employees to stay home. "Not only does coming to work put co-workers at risk, but work productivity suffers and sick workers are often unable to focus on the tasks at hand," said Stenson.

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