Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Survey Reveals that More than 40% of American Workers Plan to Find New Employment Within Next 12 Months

A recent Yahoo! HotJobs online survey revealed that a large percentage of U.S. workers are planning on looking for new opportunities in the near future. The poll results show that more than 40% are planning on looking, while 21% are already looking for new positions.

The number one reason for seeking out a new job opportunity is the desire for a better compensation package (96%)

Additional reasons for wanting to leave include:
- Believing that there is no potential for career growth in current position (44%)
- The desire for a better commute (18%)
- Feeling that they are not being "valued" by current employer (25%)
- The desire to work in an environment with higher morale (29%)

Yahoo! HotJobs VP of marketing and career expert, Marc Karasu, was quoted in their press release as saying, "Employees are sensing more opportunities and better total compensation packages, and they're making plans to go after them. Current employers should take stock of their own talent acquisition and retention models as they prepare for their staffing needs for 2006."

Have you reviewed your own recruitment and retention programs? Now is the time!

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