Monday, February 13, 2006

Girl Scout Cookies to Wrapping Paper...the Charitable Season Begins in the Workplace

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Ah fundraisers. It's a rare workplace that doesn't have anyone hawking candy for their kids' schools or someone raising money by running for a great cause. It's a good feeling knowing that your donation is making a difference, but it can also cause some sticky situations in the office environment. Late winter/early spring seems to be the time when fundraising is in full swing, and it can be difficult to choose one over the other without hurting anyone's feelings.

Of course, workplace fundraising is a safe alternative to selling door-to-door. However there are some rules of thumb for making the workplace sale or acquiring that donation. From Gannett News Service...

"Avoid office e-mails. Instead, place fundraising fliers, sign-up sheets and self-serve product kits in a high-traffic, central location such as the office break room or bulletin board," suggests Jon Krueger, spokesman for the Association of Fundraising Distributors and Suppliers.

Career coach, Lyn Jarrett says, "If it's a cause you don't know much about, you can say that you have your set charities that you give to and that you stick to those. If you do want to give and don't want to look like you're playing favorites, set an amount that you will give to everyone."

One thing to keep in mind is that no one should ever go desk to desk soliciting donations. Not only can it be distracting, but it can be very uncomfortable for everyone involved.

Done the right way, fundraising can promote positive social interaction, although possibly some weight gain. Can someone please pass the Thin Mints?

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