Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Dear Summer

Summer is here and the outfits get ... a little bizarre. Dress codes can vary, and many employers get a little lax with their "business casual" attire. Just how lax though really does depend on the company, its culture, safety concerns, and the types of visitors the organization receives.

As you can see an example of a dress code gone wrong in this article from the Louisiana Employment Law Letter: click here

And here are some points, from's Weekly Career Update, to consider when developing your summer dress policy:

  • How many visitors do you normally entertain at your workplace? And how do they typically dress?
  • What is appropriate for the summer? Blue jeans, shorts (how short?),
    T-shirts, flip flops, sweats, peek-a-boo shirts, halter tops, spandex, tube
  • How much skin and/or undergarments do you want to see? The more lax the
    policy, the more likely you are to see visible body parts (and your next
    harassment lawsuit).

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