Monday, July 10, 2006

A Monday In New York

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Last week was a short week, but we're strapping in for the long-haul today with a slew of informative articles. And you'll have plenty of time to read them with the World Cup over (congrats to Italy) and Major League Baseball in its All-Star Break.

All of them come from today's amNY but unfortunately, the website does not have the same articles as the printed version, and so you'll get them from a variety of sources. (If you would like to see them in the print version, click here and go to pages 29 and 30).

From amNY, 1/5 workers admit stealing from their office but that number is much higher. Whether taking tape to wrap holiday presents or taking school supplies for their kids, many workers steal from the place they work--many without really feeling all that bad about it: click here

From the Washington Post, we see that Americans are more satisfied with their jobs now than they were 30 years ago despite working harder and longer hours, greater pressure, and less performance pay among other things: click here

From the Chicago Tribune, an article about people bring their dogs to work. Although it would seem to be a nice idea, wouldn't barking get in the way of that conference call? Wouldn't it be a problem for that business meeting if your dog decided to poop or take a whiz on your shoes? In theory it sounds nice, but it ends up, according to this article, it's much more than theory for some companies: click here

And lastly, an article about people choosing to work nights and weekends to be with their kids more. It's not just a time slot for police, firefighters and medical workers anymore...: click here

I think that's enough to get you through your Monday...see you again tomorrow morning.

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