Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Workers of the Office, Unite

Hope you had a good July 4th. We're back after a day off with three articles...

From the SHRM Conference, Rebecca R. Hastings writes about Jonathan A. Segal's presentation about the Yellow Zones of Sexual Harassment: click here. Included in this article are some acts that are not illegal but inappropriate behaviors that HR Managers may want to include in their Sexual Harassment Policy and the 6 R's of avoiding Sexual Harassment:

    • Refrain from inappropriate behavior. This includes all types of harassment and is broader than just illegal behavior.

    • Report all complaints to human resources even if the employee requests that nothing be done. He suggested that managers give employees three choices: you can go, I can go or we can go.

    • Respond proactively to inappropriate behavior, such as comments or jokes, even in the absence of a complaint. Lead by example.

    • Remedy inappropriate behavior with counseling, discipline and/or termination.

    • Refrain from unlawful retaliation against complainants and witnesses.

The bottom line for Segal, which he described as a “sixth R,” is respect.

But if Sexual Harassment does occur, the New York Times says that an office coup is not an advisable way to handle it (click here) and SHRM reports that most workers say that would not even report the misconduct: click here

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