Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

And so does Astron Solutions on this Wednesday for its blog articles...

The first is the issue which could be one of the biggest ones for Republican incumbents in the upcoming election: minimum wage. One of the issues being debated in this is the issue of tips as described in this Washington Post article: click here

Now I think that a lot of the real reason this issue has become a big issue is misunderstood. It's not merely the fact that minimum wage hasn't changed in about a decade, but it's more the fact--as the graph below from the Economic Policy Institute shows--that the real value of the minimum wage has dropped over a dollar since the last hike.

That's a big problem, especially with rising gas prices, rising consumer costs, and growing inflation.

One place this issue should be addressed is in the Labor Dept.: click here

Stephen Barr believes that the Office of Personnel Management should recruit more Hispanics: click here

And one issued tied closely to that and the minimum wage and immigration and every hot-button issue of 2006 in the job market are Household Employees and according to this article, they're fighting for their own Bill of Rights: click here


  1. It appears to me the Hispanic groups are advocating some kind of special treatment for hispanics. For my tax dollar there should be equal treatment, nothing more. If there are not enough hispanics applying and qualifying for the available jobs, then so be it, but it is not the Office Of Personnel Managements job to grease the skids for anyone. Enough of whinning special interest groups.

  2. This is to anonymous posted 08/02/06 @ 12:37 PM For your tax dollar your opinion is just about what it amounts to everytime something of this nature is brought up,as long as you and yours are ahead that is all that seems to matter.I think most americans can agree that if the world God forbid was run by executives of different colors your opinions would be quite different.Also,the correct spelling is whining with one n not two,nothing different.



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