Thursday, December 21, 2006

We're Seeing Double

For some reason we didn't have a blog posted yesterday so today we're seeing in double the dosage of the Astron Solutions' Blog!

First, from the Houston Chronicle, an outlook on 2007 seems to call for companies to give modest raises to their employees: click here

Maybe they should raise that raise because InformationWeek says that 75% of employees will look for a new job in 2007: click here

There has been much talk in the past few weeks about how insurers are going about handling civil unions: click here

Following up on a past blog article, this article states that human resources departments are forcing out more before retirement age: click here

Technology systems, like the ones Astron Solutions uses, are fast becoming the norm in HR programs: click here

And lastly, also from the Houston Chronicle: it may seem selfevident, but coming in sick is common but not good for productivity: click here

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