Monday, February 04, 2008

Getting Over the Football Hangover

A record number of you tuned in to the biggest sporting event on the planet and yet the head coach of the New England Patriots never saw the end of the game. He, like an estimated 2 million of you, called in sick. In the aftermath of an amazing football game that will definitely go down in history, a Human Resources lesson that can definitely be learned is that leader and manager should never leave subordinates alone, especially during the toughest of times, no matter how frustrated they may be...

That said, large, large congratulations go out to my football team, the New York Football Giants who improbably and amazingly banded together as a team and won a game that few ever gave them the chance to win. It took catching balls off their helmet and overcoming great adversity throughout the season and the game, but they held steadfast and deserve this win. And they deserve this talk to be about their great job rather than another team's choke.

In other news...we decided to pick on Tiki Barber, the running back who retired from the Giants before this past season and criticized the running articles about retirement:

First from USA Today, word that Baby Boomer's eagerness to retire could cost them: click here

Also from USA Today, an article about early retirees trying to fill a gap in their health coverage: click here

Lastly, MSNBC talks about a hearty premium plan that we could pay for health insurance: click here

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