Monday, February 04, 2008

What I’m Hearing…Any Given Sunday

I suppose that since we’re in New York, we have to do an obligatory Giants Super Bowl victory post. I’ll be honest – my two favorite football teams are the New York Jets and whoever is playing the New England Patriots. I learned back in 9th grade Geometry class that it’s not wise to get on the popular bandwagon when it comes to supporting a sports team.

That said, congratulations to the New York Giants for their impressive victory last night. The fourth quarter kept us all on edge, and proved that on any given Sunday, anything can happen. Outcomes depend on who shows up – physically and mentally – that day.

The same is true for our employees and co-workers. You never know what their dormant talents and skills are until you put them into situations that let them shine. Take a chance on someone, give them a new project or assignment outside their comfort zone, and let them show you what they can do. You may be disappointed, sure, but you also may be amazed.

For on any given day, the extraordinary can come out of the ordinary.

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