Tuesday, May 20, 2008

What I’m Hearing…Rookie Police Officer Salaries

Here in New York, one of the big news items this morning is the increase to rookie police officers’ starting salaries to $35,881. In 2005, a new contact cut rookie starting salaries to $25,100. The nearly 40% increase in pay should help to address the serious recruitment issues the NYPD faces. Among other negotiated terms in exchange for the higher pay, the number of vacation days for new hires will drop from 20 per year to 10.

Recently, the City of Seattle posted billboards luring officers to relocate across the country for higher wages. The starting officer salary in the Emerald City is $47,334. The Seattle Police Department will also put in an additional $5,000 for relocation costs.

Supply and demand for labor knows no geographic boundaries. Certainly, one must give credit to Seattle for their creative recruitment techniques. However, it is good to see that New York stepped up to the plate to make these adjustments in officers’ salaries. $36,000 a year is a small salary for those who risk their lives every day to make sure we can safely enjoy ours. Hopefully this increase is a step in the right direction for attracting new talent to the field of law enforcement, and retaining the current police force.

In other news, Clearview Cinemas on Manhattan’s Upper East Side announced that child and senior movie tickets would be the same price as an adult – $12.00 – even during matinees. One wonders how far that 40% pay increase will go.

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