Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What I’m Hearing…Winning Interview Techniques

According to a recent British study, 84% of candidates bring something lucky with them to job interviews. The most common item? Lucky underwear, used by 60% of survey respondents. Interestingly, many of these 60% note that the lucky underwear they’re wearing are unwashed. Apparently, washing removes luckiness. Who knew? Now I know the error of my ways all those years. In addition to using lucky items, 73% of candidates check their horoscope before a job interview.

Here in New York, we’ve been hearing lots about New York Yankee Jason Giambi’s lucky gold thong underwear. Granted, baseball is a sport rampant with superstition, but “lucky” thoughts undoubtedly occur in your workplace on a daily basis.

As humorous as the British study may seem, I suspect the results are fairly accurate. I personally get a different feel and attitude from different outfits I own, and select my outfit for the day based on what I need to be successful with the particular audience or group I’ll see that day. This study can provide some interesting break time discussion, allowing you to learn more about your employees and what makes them tick. Along the way, they may also learn that it’s their own innate talents and expertise, and not a “lucky” coin, picture, or outfit, that makes them great.

In other news, Clearview Cinemas announced yesterday that they are going back to discounted tickets for children and seniors. The bad press and public outrage were too much. Score one for keeping the cost of living down.

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