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Astronology: Halloween At Your Place of Employment

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Volume IX
Issue 17
October 21, 2008
Dear Andrew,

Astron Solutions provides high-quality, low-cost, innovative human resources consulting services to organizations like yours. Call us for advice, innovative program design, and user-friendly Web/PC based software.

Astron Road Show
The trees are beginning to go from green to their crimsons, oranges, and golds. At least in Jersey they are. As the leaves begin to find their way to the ground, Astron Solutions begins to wrap up our 2008 trade show tour.

Our very last trade show exhibit for the year will be at the 2008 Virginia SHRM State Conference, which will take place on October 22nd through the 24th; exhibiting hours are held on the 22nd and 23rd only. There, Director, Client Services Paul Hart Miller and Marketing Specialist Stephen A. Lella plan on meeting and greeting with everybody. Then on November 19th, we have National Director Michael Maciekowich presenting at the PMA meeting (NY State Association of ARCs). If you have any inquiries about the meeting, please e-mail here.

Enjoy the fall and we'll see you there!

Astron in the News
Last Friday, October 17th, Astron's National Director Jennifer C. Loftus was featured in an article published on the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) website regarding long-term care insurance as an employee benefit. You can view the article here: http://www.shrm.org/rewards/library_published/benefits/nonIC/CMS_026885.asp (note: only members of SHRM will be able to access this website). Enjoy the good reading!


This week on the iShuffle, we got a remix from National Director Jennifer Loftus. As always, Jennifer's tastes run the gamut...more
Daylight Savings Time

A friendly reminder for our faithful readers: On November 2nd, Daylight Savings Time ends as we all set our clocks back one hour. Yes, that means we all get one hour of extra sleep; enjoy your extra hour!
Halloween At Your Place of Employment

candyOctober 31st will be here in a few short days. As it approaches, HR departments may be presented with an interesting challenge. Is it possible to celebrate Halloween at work without unintentionally upsetting some employees? Some may think the answer is no. However, with a look into the tradition and understanding why some employees may have concerns, it is possible to strike a balance between having a celebratory atmosphere with professionalism. Perhaps this year, your organization can come up with a creative way of meeting this challenge!...more

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