Thursday, October 16, 2008

Social Security, GM Layoffs and More

We'll start off on this Thursday with news from the Associate Press that Social Security benefits are going to increase by 5.8% per month (the largest COLA increase in more than a quarter of a century): click here 
Marketwatch continues by telling us that GM is set to lay off 1,500 workers in Michigan and Delaware: click here
The New York Times has a really interesting article about those who are certainly left out in the cold by this financial crisis and job market--finance students: click here
This is a huge dilemma for finance students...not only are they going up against a huge population of unemployed workers, but they're also the least experienced in that group. And with a hiring freeze and many of the big banks, these people are sitting with huge debt, without the huge payoff they expected at the end of the rainbow: click here
Lastly, a New York Times column that gives the advice that when job hunting, be your own salesperson (on the other side, this will have to make Human Resources more adept at picking through the sales pitches): click here

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