Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Now That Was Quick...

On Monday afternoon, I did an orientation for a new employee who had started that morning. The employee started in a senior position, requiring at least a decade of experience. He spent all of Monday in training and setting up his computer and was set to start the actual work of the job yesterday.


This morning, he didn’t show up for work. His manager e-mailed him repeatedly, hoping to reach him on his Blackberry. Finally, worried that something was wrong, the manager called the new employee to see what happened.


The employee let the manager know, on that phone call, that he had quit. He said he left his Blackberry at his desk the night before and couldn’t continue to do the job because of the commute.


And that was it. One day on the job. Quit. No notice. No resignation. No showing up to let people know or calling to let them know. Just didn’t show up.





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