Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bill Belichick, Advice and Lists, and a Stress-Free Holiday Season

Let's start out on this Tuesday with The HR Capitalist who talks about the most-talked-about head coach in the NFL so far this week, Bill Belichick (picture on right from same article) who was under fire across the country for a decision to make a non-convential decision in a big spot (and to be fair, some agree with his decision). The blog defends Belichick saying that unconventional decisions like that are what you need to do to win and how Tom Brady, the New England Patriots' quarterback, backed up his head coach.

The truth is that you do have to make big decisions that leave yourself open to second-guessing if you are to be a successful leader, but when the move doesn't work out, you can't always hide behind the loyalty of your "team" as Belichick clearly has done. But then again, Belichick wouldn't have that loyalty unless he had some success.

Other articles:

About.com has some advice for creating a stress-free holiday season in the office

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    1. What are thoughts on closing offices between Christmas and New Years?

      a lot of companies in my industry (PR) have this practice (unless of course, there are deadlines), but my company does not so it's SO SLOW around the office - and feel like it would be such a moral booster.

    2. In today's economic climate, giving time off between Chirstmas and New Year's would be a great thank you! I haven't heard of any companies doing this, but will keep you posted if I do!


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