Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Buying References

The next time you get a reference from a potential employee, you may want to take an extra look into that reference. Why? Because companies like CareerExcuse are offering you the chance to buy fake references (H/T Wendy). Wow.

They even highlight their ability to provide references from bankrupted companies (I'm not kidding here), saying: "Bankrupt companies make a great previous employer. We have created a management company with dozens of bankrupt companies that are ready to provide any inquirer your desired reference information."

This company is pretty despicable but may not be illegal as Monster reports:

Surprisingly, the legal framework of CareerExcuse’s business is solid- except for their fake diploma offerings. According to law, falsifying information on a resume is not illegal unless you’re lying about your educational credentials.

Falsifying your work experience could, however, almost certainly get you fired, not to mention the fact that your lack of experience might lead to incompetence at a new job that would be telling and risky in and of itself.

We researched the matter and came up with a 2001 legal study on lying on the employment resume, which stated:

The study concludes that it is illegal to commit résumé fraud only if the job seeker (1) is claiming an educational credential from a “diploma mill,” a bogus institution and (2) is using the résumé in a state that has enacted legislation to discourage the activities of these schools. However, an employer may be within its legal rights to terminate an employment relationship based upon misrepresentation of qualifications, depending upon the state and the nature of the falsification."

And that's not all they offer!
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Beware of this company if you are an HR professional

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  1. we can see lots of bankrupt companies due to the financial crisis of the world. therefore we should pay some more attention to this situation in order to minimize these bankruptcies


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