Friday, August 06, 2010

New Technology and the Job World

Face it, if you're looking for a job, working in a job, or hiring for a job in 2010, you're going to have to be up-to-date on new technology. Most of that is just social media but other things like the Microsoft Office suite, VPN access, and other technical skills are necessary for many jobs today. Let's take a look at a few articles to keep you on top of things:

First from Career Solvers, we have the results of the Jobvite survey which reveals that social networking is a top recruiting strategy. So head off of the regular job boards and to LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

But before you go making a Facebook profile, read this article from FINS about the fact that Facebook is not always the job seeker's best friend (H/T Wendy).

And before you head onto Twitter, you should check out Business Insider's Twitter abbreviations you need to know. At least IMHO.

Lastly, this CNN piece about a robot visiting your cubicle may not be a technology you will have to worry about for a while, but just so you know that it's out there...

Have a great weekend!!!

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