Monday, April 04, 2011

The Good and the Bad for Hiring From Social Media

Every new technology does some great things and it also does some not-so-great things. Social media is no different. On one had it gives anyone with an internet connection the ability to become a "blogger" and call themselves an expert on a so-called topic. People rely on the internet now to get their information but doing this for something like hiring can be as perilous as using Wikipedia to try to write a Senior Thesis. There is some great information and resources out there, but there also are a lot of people with an agenda or without the experience who will try to influence you poorly in your decision-making process.

Fortunately there are some great resources as well. Social Media has taken real experts from behind the curtain and allowed the masses the opportunity to get the information from them. Instead of having to go to a lecture to hear an idea from an esteemed colleague, you can follow them on Twitter or visit their blog every day. Instead of going through a Rolodex trying to find the person you need, you can just go on LinkedIn and see who you know in that area. And instead of wondering if what you are doing is right or wrong, you can find definitive answers on the internet.

Entrepreneur Magazine lists five to follow on Twitter for Hiring. Make sure to add us to that list as well @AstronWorldofHR. Also make sure to follow Jennifer Loftus @AstronSolutions.

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